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Downhole Motors & Spare Parts Heavy & Medium Sized Forgings

 Downhole Motors & Spare Parts

 XOOS Downhole motor can work around 200 hours for one running in general and working life of the power section has reached more than 1,000 hours.

 Our company is able to provide all sizes and configurations of the downhole motor. We provide specific design products according to the customers 

 requirements for the torque, displacement, well temperature and other parameters.

  14134263986616316.JPG   14134276754685056.jpg

 • Size Range: Available from 1-11/16" OD to 11-1/4" OD

 • Types: Adjustable Bend Housing type, Water based mud type (conventional type), Oil based mud type, salty based mud type

 • Structure: Available Consists of Bearing section assy., Universal coupling assy., Power section assy., Anti-drop device assy., and By-pass valve

                     assy. or Crossover sub. 





 • With the diversity and flexibility to excel in all drilling environments

 • Utilization of high quality materials, including forged steel drive shafts (laser welding alloy on drive shaft surface), 

   which reduces wear and tear and down-time for servicing

 • With safety anti-drop device which reduces the probability of residual motor parts left in the drill string in the event of connection failure

 • High quality power section designs which efficiently maximize the amount of speed and torque being transmitted to the drill bit

 • Tungsten carbide radial bearings which significantly reducing wear and improves durability and consistency in performance

  Technical parameters/catalogue will be sent  upon your requests.

  Note: We have the capacity to design and customize spare parts according to your requirements/drawings.




  We also manufactures the equipment applied to downhole motor manufacturing and maintenance, such as CNC helical milling machine, 

  and Breakout unit (Model YCZ-III and YCZ-IV).




      Breakout Unit 1.jpg




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