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Downhole Motors & Spare Parts Heavy & Medium Sized Forgings

Heavy & Medium Sized Forgings

XOOS Petro-Machinery is specialized in machining and manufacturing of forgings mainly applied in Petroleum & Chemical industry, such us forgings for drilling tools, wellhead components & X-mas trees. Besides, we also produce medium or large size forgings applied in industries of Metallurgy & Mineral, Power Station, Transmission Equipment and etc.


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Main Forgings:

We have the capability to design and manufacture according to your drawings/requirements.

Sub Forgings.jpg Mining Drill Pipe Forgings.jpg Stabilizer & Reamer Forgings.jpg Stabilizer Forgings Painted.jpg Stabilizer Forgings with Blades Milled.JPG         

         Sub Forgings                 Mining Drill Pipe Forgings   Stabilizer & Reamer Forgings  Stabilizer Forgings Painted  Stabilizer Forgings with Blades Milled 



        Finished Stabilizers                X-mas Tree Forgings            Casing Head Forgings           Casing Spool Forgings             Tubing Head Forgings



     Drilling Spool Forgings                  Y-Tee Forgings                    Fluid End Forgings               Valve Body Forgings             Fracturing Head Forgings


         Flange Forgings                        Ring Forgings                  Shaft Sleeve Forgings                         Shaft                                        Bars


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