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Drilling Equipment & Tools

XOOS provides a comprehensive range of drilling rig components, drilling tools and spare parts related to onshore and offshore activities. All the

products conform to API Standards with good quality and performance.


Rig Components


Rotary Tables

Rotary table is effective device used in drilling rig. The rotary table conforms to API Specification 7K.


• The pinion and gear are made of alloy steel.

• The master bushing for rotary table is made from a steel casting.

• Pin transmission type is suitable for API standard square or hexagonal Kelly roller bushing.

• Effective lubrication and reliable seals are provided by design.





Drawworks is necessary hoisting mechanism on a drilling rig. Essentially, drawworks is one large

winch that spools off or takes in the drilling line and thus raises or lowers the drill stem and bit.


Hook Blocks
Hook block complies with API Spec 8A/8C. Joining traveling block and hook together reduces overall

length and can help satisfying the requirements of top drive operation. The hook block is equipped

with the reliable safety devices on the main hook. The main parts are made of high strength alloy

steels and are subjected to nondestructive testing. The sheave grooves have been intermediate

frequency quenched, which can improve the hardness of the surface, the wearness, and the service






The hook complies with API Spec 8A and conforms to the SY/T5527 standard. The hook is equipped with the reliable safety devices on the main hook, and with a hydraulic snubber assembly to

protect drill pipe joint. The main parts are made of high stress alloy steels and are subjected to

nondestructive testing.




Travelling Blocks

Traveling block complies with API Spec 8C, and conforms to the SY/T5527 standard. The sheave

can exchange with the matching crown sheaves. The sheave groove has been intermediate

frequency quenched, which can improve the hardness of the surface, the wear, and the service life.




Swivels are necessary hoisting tools for hanging drill pipe and jointing hose in well repairing.

There are type SL35, SL60, SL90 and SL135. They are designed and manufactured according to

API Spec 8A/8C.




Power Swivels

Power Swivel is the device installing on the derrick of servicing rig, to provide rotating power.

Except the use for such workover jobs as casing milling, milling, drilling cement plug and bridge

plug and fishing, it is also used for sidetracking drilling, drilling open hole and coring. The product

is designed and manufactured according to API 8C specifications.

Power Swivels.JPG


Crown Blocks

The crown blocks complies with API Spec 4F, and conforms to the SY/T5527 standard. The crown block consists of crown basement, fast-line sheave, dead-line sheave, main sheave, sand-line sheave, drilling line protector and sheaves for hydraulic and air winch, bumper wood for the Crown-O-Matic and guardrail. It’s designed with closed type and open type. The traveling system is divided into 7×6, 6×5, 5×4, and 4×3, which fit to Φ7/8”~Φ1 1/2” drilling lines. The sheave groove conforms to the requirements of API RP 9B. The sheave groove surface is processed with a quenching treatment. The bearing adopts centralized lubrication for convenient operation.

Crown Blocks.jpg



The drilling and workover derricks with different loadings is designed and fabricated according to

API Spec 4F and SY/T5025-1999 standard, including A type, Tower type, K type, special K type, mast type and the special type used in offshore drilling.



F Series Mud Pumps

This series mud pump are strictly manufactured according to API Spec 7k “the Equipment

Specification of Well Drilling and Repairing”, and are tested accordingly when leave factory. They

are widely used in the oilfields and other industrial mining enterprises for well drilling and well

repairing etc.


F series mud pump has a longer stroke and can be operated at a lower stroke, thus improved the

water supplying performance effectively and extended the lifetime of expendable parts in the fluid end greatly. The suction pulsation dampener has an advanced structure which is reliable to use

and can make the pump realize its best suction performance.

F Series Mud Pumps.jpg



PZ Series Mud Pumps

• Nodular iron power frame, eccentric, connection rods, and crossheads
• Double-row-spherical roller bearnings carry eccentric
• Double extended Jackshaft carried on heavy-duty straight roller bearings
• Dual roller bearing connecting rod
• Heat-treated alloy steel main gears are bolted to the eccentric
• Replaceable bronze crosshead slides
• Full splash lubrication, with oil pump to feed working parts
• Heat-treated alloy steel, interchangeable fluid cylinders
• Three-rib API-7 urethane insert valves and seats
• Replaceable oil filter element and oil pressure gauge
• Threaded valve covers
• Plated piston rods
• Complete piston washing and lubrication system
• The monoblock forging of hollow sphere for the pulsation dampener.

PZ Series Mud Pumps.JPG



Drilling Tools and Accessories

 Drill Pipe
Standard: API Spec 5DP
Specification: OD 2-3/8"-6-5/8"
Steel Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135
ConnectionNC26, NC31, NC38, NC40, NC46, NC50, 51/2FH, 6 5/8FH
Internal Coating: TK34, TC2000, TC3000
Hardbanding: ARNCO 100XT, 200XT, & 300XT, BOTN3000, ARMACOR M
Length: R1: 5.49-6.71m R2: 8.23-9.14m R3: 11.58-13.72 and Short Drill Pipes
Drill Pipes.JPG


Drill Collar

Standard: API Spec7-1   
Material: AISI 4145H Alloy Steel or Non-magnetic material 
Specification: OD 3-1/8"-11"
Length: 10’-31’



Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
Standard: API Spec 7-1 
Specification: OD 3-1/2", 4-1/2", 5", 5-1/2"
NC38, NC46, NC50, 5 1/2 FH
Material: AISI 4145H Alloy Steel and Non-magnetic material
Type: Integral and Friction welded




Integral Blade Stabilizer

Specification: Bit OD 6” - 26”

Material: AISI 4145H, AISI 4145H Mod, and Non-magnetic material

Hardfacing Type: HF1000, HF2000, HF3000, HF4000, HF5000.


 Roller Reamer

Reamer Range: 5-7/8” – 28”
Hole Opener Range: 12-1/4"- 36"

Roller Reamers.jpg


Hex. Kelly
Material: AISI 4142H-4145H
Size: 3" - 6"
Length: 12190mm(Standard), 16460(Optional)
Square Kelly
Material: AISI 4142H-4145H
Size2 1/2" - 5 1/4"
Length: 12190mm(Standard), 16460(Optional)



Shock Absorber


Tool OD: From 95mm to 279mm

Type: Two Way Type, Hydraulic Type, Mechanical-Hydraulic Type.




Drilling Jars

Tool OD: From 95mm to 229mm

Type: Mechanical Type, Double Acting Hydraulic-Mechanical Type, Full Hydraulic Type.




Other tools:

Bumper Jars/Subs

Super Fishing Jar

Jar Intensifier


Hydraulic Thruster




Drilling Accessories

Subs, Kelly Valves, Circulating Sub, Reversing Subs, Safety Joints, Crossover Subs, Lifting Subs, Reducing Subs, Rock Bits, Tricone Bits, Hydraulic Breakout Unit.


Fishing Tools & Cementing Tools 

• Fishing Tools

Safety Joint, Releasing and Circulating Overshot, Short Catch Overshot

Casing Spear, Releasing Spear, Releasing Back-Off Spear, Sliding Block Spear

Reverse Circulating Junk Basket, Junk Basket

Back-Off Sub, Junk Sub

Cone Junk Catcher

Fishing Magnet, Reverse Circulating Fishing Magnet

Three Ball Fisher

Taper Tap, Die Collar

Internal Hook, External Hook

Junk Mill, Pilot Mill, Taper Mill

Impression Block


• Cementing Tools

Float Shoe, Float Collar, Stab-in Float Collar and Float Shoe, Cementing Head, Cementing Plug, Centralizer, Guide Shoe, Casing Scraper, Casing Swage, Cementing Spider, etc.



 Mud Pump Spare Parts

  XOOS Petro-Machinery is specialized in machining and manufacturing of mud pump parts for drilling mud pumps.Our parts are produced for direct

  replacement for brand mud pumps including but not limited to BOMCO, HH, RS, EMSCO, NATIONAL, OILWELL, IDECO, GARDNER DENVER.  


  Modules, Liners (steel & ceramic), Pistons, Valves & Seats, Rods & Clamps, Power End Parts (Cranskshafts, Pinion Shafts, and Crosshead

  Assy.)and other spare parts.


  网站放综合图 1.jpg



  Our high strength forged triplex fluid end modules are made from AISI4130 (35CrMo) or 4140 (40CrMo), heat treated and internally hardened with 

  feature of high durability.





 Bi-metal Liners

 • Hy-chrome liners made with a high chrome sleeve in a forged steel hull   

 • The bore hardness is 60 to 65 Rockwell C scales 

 • Service life more than 800 hours under the normal condition



 Ceramic Liners

  • Suitable for deep oil reservoir, hard stratum and severe earthiness, offsore oil and natural gas exploitation

  • Service life more than 4000 hours under the normal condition

  • Wear-resistance, Erosion-resistance, High-pressure-resistance, High- temperature-resistance

  • High strength and high hardness

  • Reduce piston wear and water consumption for lubrication



  Interchangeable with other brands pistons. The piston hub is formed from high 

  grade steel, with single acting and double acting. The piston rubber is made from 

  specially formulated compounds which are resistant to the effects of heat, oil and 


Valves & Seats


Available in sizes to fit brand mud pumps.

  Piston Assy..jpg

            Pistons  Assy.                       Piston Rubber            Two-Slip Seal, Sealing Ring

             Valve Assy.                          Valve Seat


  Piston Rods & Clamps

  XOOS offers a full range of piston rods and clamps for mud pumps.


                     Piston Rods                                                    Crosshead Extension Rods                                                    Clamps



  Other Spare Parts


     Pulsation Dampener           Air Bladder (Discharge)             Suction Stabilizer                 Guide Plate                                 Valve Guide



           Flashboard Assy.              Cylinder Head Cover                        Flange                                  Liner Lock                          Wear Plate


           Crosshead                       Crosshead Pin                   Shear Relief Valve                 2S Gear Oil Pump                         Pinion Shaft 



     Discharge Filter Assy.                 Crankshaft Assy.                           Connecting Rod                                            Valve Puller





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